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About Stairlifts
Stairlifts come in two options, straight or curved. Which one you need depends on the configuration of your stairs. If you have a bend in your stairs then you need a curved stairlift. If you have straight stairs then you can have a straightstairlift.

Stairlifts can be fitted to either the left or right hand side of your stairs, this is usually determined by the configuration of your house. The stairlift will usually fit next to the outside or joining wall to leave easy access to your stairs for others to get up and down the stairs. In the case where your staircase is in the middle of your house and you have doors or a corridor on both sides of the stairs then a hinge can be fitted to the bottom of the track to leave a clear space to pass.

Stairlifts fix to the floor and not to the walls. There is no drilling into the walls when fitting a stairlift.

Almost all stairlift are battery operated and run on a low voltage. Look out for older mains powered stairlifts as many are now obsolete and parts are difficult or impossible to obtain.

There are quite a few stairlift manufacturers to choose from. Stannah, Acorn, Brooks and Minivator are the big four as such but Lift Able (Thyssen), Bison Bede and Freelift also manufacture stairlifts.